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Reviewed in Canada on March 18, 2017
I loved The Daily Show with Jon Stewart. I was convinced that no one could replace him. Then along came a South African dude with a dazzling smile, deep dimples and a strong comedic back ground along with natural intelligence. So I have continued watching The Daily Show without really knowing too much about Trevor Noah but liking what I saw and heard. Then he wrote a book. It's autobiographical but not an autobiography.

He writes about his upbringing in South Africa. He explains that he has a black mother and a white father, hence the name of the book "Born a Crime." We hear how he moved from various sections of the city where he was not supposed to live. In South Africa, it's not a question of black or white people. There people are known as Black, Coloured and White and must live according to their skin tone. Since Trevor is very light skinned but not white enough for South Africa, he technically couldn't live with his mother in the black neighbourhood. But his mother did not believe she should have to live in the Black "hood", so she secretly lived in the white area. You'll have to read the book to see how she pulled it off. He takes us through his school days and his unruly early life. He explains how he changed from committing petty crimes to becoming a DJ and later a comedian. But the book comes to a sudden end when he tells us about a terribly tragedy which befell him in his early twenties.

Unfortunately he stops there and we don't get to find out how he arrived in the U.S.A. If he immigrated to America or got his television job and is there on a work visa. If the States will be his permanent home or he intends to get back to South Africa in the future. We also don't learn anything about his personal life or how he enjoys his Daily show venture. Maybe he plans to write another book down the road. If so, I'd buy it.
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