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Reviewed in Canada on February 27, 2020
This is RUBBISH!!!!! Please, Canadians don’t waste your money. I have to YELL at Alexa for her to turn in, it doesn’t understand what I say most times and is not connecting properly. Sometimes it knows it’s in my bedroom and sometimes it doesn’t recognise the device. I am VERY frustrated with this machine and feel like I have been ripped off. My Echo ‘dot’ is far superior than this over priced rubbish. I am very upset and truly am near tears. I am bedridden and depend on my smart home devices and this one has totally let me down. I wish they had an echo ‘dot’ with bigger screen. The dot is far superior!!!! I’mso sad to write such a horrible review because I love amazon and their dependability but I am in tears and having an anxiety attack trying to get this one to work whereas the Dot worked seamlessly! Don’t waste your money. Wait u til they fix all the horrible bugs because there are many unlike Dot that worked amazingly.
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