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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on August 16, 2019
This product works great for me. I’ve been using it about a month now. I noticed pain relief in my knees after about five days. Over the second week, things got better and have now plateaued. I am planning to continue taking glucosamine, though I may try some other brands, more just to see if there is a difference. This is the first glucosamine product I’ve ever used.

Now for the side effect! I noticed this product changed my body odour. Not by a lot, but it is noticeable to me. I think it’s the turmeric! Not a horrible smell, but I thought this info might be useful to someone else.

UPDATE: second bottle is disappointing. Multiple broken capsules, which looks like a manufacturing error when they were being put together. Loose powder in the bottle makes the remaining good capsules taste awful. Still taking them but will try a different brand next time.
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