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Reviewed in Canada on August 16, 2016
Overall I'm very happy with this product. I give 4/5 stars because of a couple of issues: dry erase markers don't work well, and installing the board at home can be a challenge (see below for details).

I was looking for a whiteboard for my home office and wanted some other that looked more professional than an ordinary wall-mounted whiteboard.

The board itself is a glass board with the "white" behind the glass and a thin metal layer on the back.

The glass with the white layer behind it produces an interesting "floating" quality to anything written on the board. One thing that I have found is that traditional dry erase markers do not work well on this glass board. This is not to say they don't work, it is just that they are "faded" without nice strong color to them. I have tried 3 different types of dry erase markers with varying success. The standard red/blue/green/black markers are ok (I tried 2 different sets - different brands - just to be sure) but generally are very faded and can be somewhat difficult to read. Fluorescent colored dry erase markers work better, but still aren't ideal. What I have discovered works best are liquid chalk markers. The colors are bold and easy to read.

The thin layer of metal means that you need to use rare earth magnets to attach something to the board. This is not an issue for me since we have many of these around the house, including on our refrigerator. Some people have had an issue with this, but for me it works and I don't see a reason to mark it down for this.

The marker tray works fine as well. Went on and stayed on without any trouble and seems sturdy. The ends of the tray have plastic covers to prevent scrapes from any sharp edges.

The board itself is heavy because it is glass (somewhere in the range of 10kg). This can provide challenges when mounting it on a wall, not the least of which is that it really is a two person operation to get it installed. I'm not entirely convinced that the provided mounting hardware is suitable for the interior wall of a house (i.e. drywall). I recommend doing what I did: mount at least one side on a wall stud if possible. Unfortunately the mounting holes are not spaced for standard wall stud spacing so it is unlikely that you can get all four mounting screws attached to wall studs (which would be ideal). When it is installed the mounting hardware puts the board spaced about an inch from the wall which gives it a nice appearance.
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