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Reviewed in Canada on January 30, 2002
I am thrilled to have found this book - it is absolutely the best advice I've ever come across on the subject of discipline.
If you are a sensitive parent (as I am), this is the book for you! If you are one of those parents who deep down feel that time-outs and punishments (and also rewards) do no good and are instead emotionally harmful but you had no other alternatives to try, then get this book. By following its advice you will understand that the problem originates with you -- how you react to your child when conflicts occur. The basic premise is that a child who misbehaves is not inherently bad but instead, does not know the appropriate behavior for the situation. If you use conflict as a teaching experience and also model appropriate behavior yourself during the conflict, then conflicts will gradually lessen as the child learns appropriate behavior in a non-threatening environment. An example the author gives is that of a employee who fills out a form incorrectly and the supervisor reprimands the employee and sends him to the employee lounge for an hour. The next day he is asked to fill out the same form -- of course he will get it wrong again.
This is a readable, contemporary book packed with sound advice. Well worth the money to have your children love and trust you when they grow older, not hate you as they will after a lifetime of time out and punishments. My daughter and I thank you, (author) Becky Baily Ph.d, for your wonderful book.
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