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Reviewed in Canada on October 17, 2017
** spoiler alert ** Yup. One star. Maybe.... MAYBE 🌟⛅️...

I was looking forward to this book. I really was. I was introduced to SJM with this series. I found ACOTAR in the book store... realized it was a Beauty and the Beast retell. Found out about all her books... everyone told me to read TOG series first because this one was SO much better. That I wouldn't get into TOG if I read this first.

I'm glad I listened. Let's be frank. Had I read this book before TOG I probably would have said F&;$ it and given up on her as a writer. This book was 600+ pages of... what? Filler. Most of it was unnecessary. It bored me to tears.

ACOTAR was alright. Decent. Nothing exciting. ACOMAF was the best of the series. Definitely set the bar... this was rubbish. Maybe it's writing in first person... she isn't that good at it. She's far better at third person.

I struggled through the part where Tamlin threw her into the book case. However, that didn't affect my opinion of the book. Let's be honest - he was a douche in the other books too. But this was sheer rubbish.

The only part I DID truly like had Tamlin in it. When he told her to be happy. That was the only true part that had me feeling any real emotion.

The girls fathers death was unnecessary. The fact NONE of the main characters died in a way of that size was unrealistic... well, okay... Rhys died and then was magically resurrected by everyone 🙄. It would have been better to leave him dead.

Another annoyance... she looks into the mirror and despite the PTSD and everything she has magical healing and self love. No. Just no. Anyone who has had PTSD doesn't just heal like that. They don't just love and accept themselves like that. I mean come the f*£,> on. I love that Sarah included PTSD in this series but be real. It takes YEARS to recover from it. No romance - even with someone like Rhys is going to leave you magically all self love. Especially when you had so little of it to begin with. Give me a break.

Feyre and Rhys in this book irked me something horrible. The characters worthy of love in this one were the supporting cast - Lucien, Cass, Az, Amren, Mor, the sisters. They're the real heroes.

The main characters? Nope.

I could rant about everything I hate about this book for a good long while. There were some solid memorable quotes, one or two good parts... but in all honesty, it was 300 pages too long.
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