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Reviewed in Canada on May 23, 2015
The Inconvenient Indian a book by Thomas King 314 pages. This book spices with humour from Columbus in 1492 who did not discover the Americas. As this Indian author relates we Indians, the label of Columbus were here first thus it was already discovered. I am reminded of cartoons of Columbus heading for India and actually his ships bumping into the Americas or at least into every Caribbean island. From denouncing the Indian label he will still accept being called an Indian although since then the name changes have been many. The book is a catalogue nearly all the issues natives in North America have had with whites. Every relationship has turned for the worse no matter what the intentions. He sees no, “bright spots” no matter what has been done, money spent, land claims achieved or legislation tried. No solutions are offered to, “What Indians Want.” His answer is at best sovereignty with a loose definition of everything that a nation has by which we could conclude Indians want back the Americas with their culture and original ways. This history account that he decides his book is not brings the historical abuses, injustices to the non-Indian reader but I am sure also reinforces the historically bad history to present and future generations of Indians that now need to be righted. It may be that no end or solutions will ever be enough. The only solution is to keep trying.
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