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Reviewed in Canada on April 28, 2020
When the camera is working, it's great. The motion detection could be a little better, but overall it's pretty good - i've used both the wired and battery/solar product.

However, there is one big problem with them - the Stickup cams (and some other video products) do not work well or at all on mesh networks.

In my case, i have a tp-link deco m4 system with 2 stickup cams (one stickup cam plugin, one stickup cam battery with solar panel ), and they are intermittently online and mostly not sending alerts and not available for live view. I would estimate they are online/available randomly for 2-3hrs every day. I've run through all of the "Ring Knowledgebase - Fixing Your Devices Falling Offline Repeatedly by Adjusting Your Router" steps:
1. internet speed is fine (15/10)
2. signal strength is fine (-60,-40)
3. limited network to 2.4ghz, and can see it operating on channel 8
4. setup dhcp reservations for the stickup cams and base (fixed IP)
5. all firmware up to date on the cameras and tp-link router
6. no special characters in my ssid.
7. disabled mesh for the stickup cams.
8. fast roaming disabled.
9. prioritized ring devices on the network.

Tried addressing issues in the "Ring knowledgebase - The Protocols and Ports Used by Ring Devices" post, with limited success because tp-link doesn't make these settings visible or configurable.

The same setup ran fine on my older tp-link archer router (non-mesh), but the cameras were so far away, the signal strength wasn't great so i upgraded to a cheap mesh wifi system (TP-link deco m4, set of 3). All of my other devices on this tp-link wifi network work great (better than before), including an ecobee, 5 year old ipad and 10 year old wifi e-readers. Everything but my stickup cams. If they don't sent me alerts, there's no point in having security cameras.

I can see many others having the same problem.

While ring seems to not have a solution to the problem, is there a KNOWN set of working mesh wifi systems? I assume eero (also owned by amazon) would work, but the tp-link deco system is the most affordable (~$150) and simple. Using old routers isn't a solution.

Super frustrating. I'm considering returning the cameras.
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