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Reviewed in Canada on March 13, 2019
The solar panel and mount worked as shown, the construction seems really good that's why I still gave it 1 star.

When I purchased the camera to go along with this solar panel, I was very excited as I have the home alarm and 2 other hardwired versions. Unit was installed over the driveway and the solar panel was facing south receiving more than 4 hours direct sun each day. The setup was a breeze and the integration was easy, unfortunately that's where the pros stop.

The camera only has 40% battery life left after 6 days, the solar panel wasn't charging at all and the camera wouldn't even operate once it got to -15c. The camera has a -30c operating temperature which I made sure of before I purchased the product. Once I finally got a hold of support they then informed me that the battery may not even charge once it hits 0 degrees C. Basically this is a useless camera in Canada (this includes the wired model), unless you want to buy a camera that only works half the year. The operating temperatures can be found here: , which in no way is presented on the box or packaging. Ring support recommends bringing the camera in when it’s cold, and cold to them is below 0 degrees Celsius. So, I reiterate the camera should not be purchased in Canada period.

I must stress that I have been very happy with all my Ring products and they operate perfectly for me.

After testing this thoroughly for 3 weeks I have come to assert that the camera will not charge when the temperature drops below -5c, So in finishing what good is the solar panel if it will not work with the camera when the weather gets cold?
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