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Reviewed in Canada on May 10, 2017
This book needed some serious editing. It felt like the author was incapable of finishing a sentence properly with the overuse of ellipses and dashes. Plus why did everyone growl? It was probably the most overused word in the whole book. Someone needs to get the thesaurus out clearly.

If you can look past the bad writing/editing then you’ll be able to look through to this bland plot. Nothing that happened surprised me at all. Everything was extremely predictable and reminded me of every other fantasy ever. I was really hoping for something special because I think the best part of this series is the group of friends that Rhys and Feyre have. There’s something really special about all their relationships and I thought it could have been used a lot more than what it was. There was SO MUCH potential with them that it made the story fall flat for me.

I also found the ending didn’t wrap anything up very well. Some endings were tied a little too neatly and others not enough. I know there’s going to be companion books but this is still a trilogy and should have been written like one. I’m actually pretty disappointed with how everything ended and I didn’t even cry once! An ending should make me feel something, not the nothing that this one made me feel. It felt unfinished and not dramatic enough.

There were a lot of parts in the middle of the book that felt forced. Almost like the author has heard the cry for more diversity and then she just threw it in to make people happy. She clearly didn’t notice how awkward it made the story feel, like it wasn’t supposed to be there in the first place. It was obvious (to me anyways) that it was thrown in the story last minute which made those parts feel rushed.

For all the faults this book had, I always really enjoy most of the characters. I love how they interact with each other and how they’re this big family. We don’t see enough friendships like that in books. It did bother me a little that everyone was pairing off a little too easily. I don’t think it was necessary to the story to have everyone given a mate or partner. Other than that, they were still wonderful to read about and the other thing giving this book a 3 star rating from me.
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