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Reviewed in Canada on December 4, 2019
UPDATE: I was going to come on here and update that I found a workaround by turning off the DLC updates in the game settings and was able to play with few issues except the game asking me to update it every time I turned it on. However, it has come to my attention that they have just released a new patch that has addressed the issues. I haven’t installed it yet because I am almost finished my current game but the reviews are good and say they have addressed It and everything is running great. I love this game. It is addictive and time eating. I can see it ruining marriages, deserting kids and jobs. Buy this if you don’t want to go outside anymore or have excellent self control and time management. Pro Tip (lol): I set the sleep timer on my TV for the amount of time I’m willing to invest. Happy dominating!


So... I was very excited to play this game on my Switch, as I used to play it on my Mac years ago and find my life actually has time to sporadically get lost in video games now. Well. Hours and hours of gameplay and getting my bearings, I finally had a round that was going well. I had 2 cities between me and total world domination and "crash". Hmm. Sucks. Ok. Turn on and off again. Approach second last city and "crash". Fine. On to other city instead and everything is hunky dory. Down to one final city to complete my coup. Back to other city "crash".
So close. Only 1 city left and can't make it happen. Make my peace and move on.

Start New campaign.

Half way through, almost ready to start my world takeover again. Crash. Restart. Crash. Restart. Crash. Give up and come to Amazon to bid fair warning to my fellow shoppers.

Buy this game if you have nothing better to do than make big plans, hours to waste and want to accomplish nothing with your time.
Apparently the last software update (before I bought it) made this game unplayable on the Switch. They say they are aware of it and are working on a patch update but there is no word on when it will be ready. I debated returning for a refund but I'm sure the developers will fix it eventually. If you look on forums some VERY patient people have figured out some work around solutions. Bah. I don't have the patience for that but maybe you do.
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