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Reviewed in Canada on April 8, 2021
Bought February 17th and is now in the garbage on April 8th. Less than two months of use. The side plastic support strapping that extends along the side of your head cracked and eventually snapped in two. I pieced it back together and used gorilla duct tape to re-secure the side strapping. Worked temporarily until another crack developed and snapped. Got popscicle sticks to create a splint over the broken area then re-taped with gorilla tape. Last night the round cap at the back of the head strap that cups the back of your head snapped off on one side. Tried super gluing it back together. Now the tension crank handle at the back won't turn. Found it a new home in the trash bin. I am retired and only use the device in a sitting position to play PokerstarsVR, so it's not like I was doing any wild shootemup games or sword play daily.
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