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Reviewed in Canada on March 30, 2020
Update: I've had this keyboard for about 5 months now. About 1.5 months in, my bactick/tilde key stopped coming back flush with the rest of the keys on the keyboard. No big deal, I remapped my alt+` keymap to cmd+tab. 3 months in, my left shift key stopped working reliably. Sometimes requiring much more force to register a press. Now, my k key is suffering the same fate. Sometimes popping the key off and pressing the switch directly seems to help, but not always. I'm not as happy with this keyboard now. Without the problems 5-stars, but with these issues, it's now 3.

* Lots of travel. Typing feels great.
* Low resistance on the keys. Feels like like could type with no fatigue. Easy to put the correct amount of pressure to get the keypress.
* Love the colors and how easy it is to change appearance.

* Would appreciate a Mac OS tool to customize key mappings
* Very loud (although that's likely the nature of the keyboard switches)
* Mouse could be a bit heavier, although this is personal preference.

Even with the cons, this keyboard is highly recommended and still earns 5 stars.
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