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Reviewed in Canada on May 4, 2020
Originally I did not think this would be a game for me. A real life friend who I also play at lot of PS4 with kept going on and on about this game and eventually just handed the game cartidage for me to try.
Well I tried Luigi's Mansion 3 and I loved it. The game play is smooth, which makes it easy to see and make out objects. The puzzles weren't overly difficult. Basically a Mario brothers game that ensures everyone can progress and move on Which is great because very few game developers take the time to think of the ageing game base, as well as making it inviting to those who are looking for a pick up game, which you can leave behind and not have to worry about "rust" time, since the controls are pretty simple to fallow and remember.

I ended up buying this game 3 times. Once for my self, and then the other two went to parents; who may have grown up during the budding video game era but had to work for a living and didn't have the time to play. So the game play for them was very enjoyable. It started off have to hear the "OH well I didn't grow up doing this like you" or some other excuse those who are more seasoned in life say when they're unsure of new tech/game. But with out a doubt they're both fell in love with the game.
The game is quick and easy to pick up, and is very user friendly. Plus I get the chuckle every time my mother sounds like The Joker off Batman when she sucks a new ghost into the vacuum, and then proceeds to trash talk her hubby. Personally I feel this is a worth it game, with out question.
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