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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on April 12, 2004
This is as close as anything gets to a definitive treatment of the twelve houses in modern astrology, although there is of course quality stuff scattered through many other books, including the excellent "The Gods Of Change", also by Howard Sasportas. As the author journeys through the houses, there are profound psychological insights for both the beginner and the more experienced astrologer.
The format is straightforward. An introductory section ("a person's reality springs outward from his or her inner landscape of thoughts, feelings, expectations and beliefs"), a quick journey through the houses, and then on to the majority of the book which is given over to a "cookbook" treatment of all the planets and signs in each house. There are countless examples backing up the interpretations e.g. writers and communicators with Sun in the third house, a famous musician and a poet with Neptune in the tenth house and so on.
At the end of the book there is a handy summary of the key concepts for each house, and a look at the different house systems astrologers use. Sasportas finishes the main text with the question, "Why don't you become what only you can become?". Why not indeed!? An excellent book.
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