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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on August 19, 2022
We bought this bike rack for a 2 week trip to NB.

Installed easily on our vehicle, which was nice. Though not the easiest to figure out how to get 3 bikes (one adult and 2 kid) to fit appropriately. It definitely takes some finesse to situate each bike just so.

Unfortunately within a week of using it (not owning it sadly, we missed the return date by 2 days), the pin cable snapped. This pin is what keeps the rack in an upright position. It just sucks because now we have to keep track of this lonely pin that is no longer attached to the rack by its cable anymore.

I have seen much better quality at our local sports stores and they regularly come on sale. I would strongly suggest shopping around a bit before settling on this particular bike rack.
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