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Reviewed in Canada on January 3, 2019
This is a cost effective upgrade to keep your laptop or PC running for a bit longer. If you're computer is running sluggish and loads slow, you might want to consider upgrading to an SSD if you're still on a platter drive. My laptop was painfully slow to load up into windows and once in, you'd have to wait for everything to settle which takes awhile (make a cup of coffee, breakfast, check the news while waiting...). Sound like your computer?

You'll need an enclosure to put the SSD in so you can connect it to your computer. If you're doing a desktop you could mount it in the PC. To me, it's easier connecting it to an enclosure so if you run into problems, it's just a quick disconnect and not messing around with the case. Once the copy is done then put it into the computer. Lots of options around. Vantec makes some nice enclosures and can be found on Amazon to complete your purchase all in one spot.

So far after about a week in the laptop, I am happy with the performance. It took a couple of restarts to see the improvement in speed as everything settles in and adjusts. What I've noticed is the boot up time and load time has been dramatically improved. No longer am I waiting but it's just a few seconds vs minutes. Program launch is also quick and responsive. I got the 480GB version as my laptop only has room for one drive. You can get away with a smaller drive for PC. Put the OS and other programs you need to load quick on the SSD and store other items in the old HDD if it is still useable.

This SSD is light. Feels like picking up a paper sized piece of card board. The old HDD was hefty compared to this so definitely some weight savings there. This is definitely a worthwhile upgrade.
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