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Reviewed in Canada on October 20, 2015
The Martian is a story about a guy, Mark Watney, that has been left alive and alone on Mars, all the other astronauts has left the planet, they think he is dead and he will have to try to survive until they rescue him…if they rescue him since they don’t know that he is alive.

I’m may be a nerd in many ways, but I’m sure as hell aren’t a science nerd. I decided to read The Martian after reading glowing reviews of the book on Goodreads, it sounded so fun and adventurous and it was…it was also a hell of a lot of science involved in the book. I mean in the beginning I tried to keep up but after a while, I just gave up and thought “no I’m not in school anymore, I will not try to force myself to understand things that I will not be tested for later.”

But there are at least some bright spots in the book and it’s the humor for instance: “I was just one of her crew. Actually, I was the lowest ranked member of the crew. I would only be “in command” of the mission if I were the only remaining person. What do you know? I’m in command.”

At least,​ the ending was good and intense. So if you’re looking for a space novel and are not afraid of science, chemistry or math (shuddering) then you will love this book.
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4.6 out of 5
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