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Reviewed in Canada on August 30, 2019
I was drawn into this novel mostly by co-workers who built up the story as a cool movie to watch. Knowing there was a book before the movie I figured I would pick it up, read it and then see the movie. I am very glad I did.

The story taking place mostly in a virtual world created by a person obsessed by 80s culture has me giving bonus points to the story as having grown up in the 80s myself this very much appeals to me. As for the story, I found the characters adequately built up and the futuristic world a neat concept. The writing was good and engaging, I was definitely not bored, and the story kept you enthralled as to what was going to happen next despite the perspective of the story being told after the events occurred. That removes some of the drama for me, but it was ok in this circumstance.

I give it a 5-star read because it is a very well written story with decent imagination and entertainment value. The retro eighties environment of the virtual world and in game tasks give it extra bonus points and maybe save it from being a 4-star read if say I had not grown up in that era. Recommended. Watching the movie is next.
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