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Reviewed in Canada on November 2, 2020
Been using for a week and since it's my first tablet ever, it feels really good to use and there are so many interesting features. I'm a University student, so taking notes is one of the most important things, if not the most important and primary reason of purchase. However, the software still needs to be worked on... Creating straight lines and moving things around is difficult, especially when trying to draw a graph. Erasing shapes and lines is difficult as well... Overall features are good and constantly improving but one thing that really concerns me is my pen, or stylus, that came in the box. I'm not sure if its faulty or it just does that but the cursor sometimes doesn't match with the pen tip, where it'll be around 1-2 mm offset from the tip. That is actually a big deal because it messes up the writing and generally makes it frustrating. I tested it to make sure it wasn't me by using a ruler and trying to draw a line myself without the software, and indeed, sometimes the line isn't completely straight... Anyways, I'm thinking of doing a full review and posting on Youtube.
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