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Reviewed in Canada on October 26, 2019
+ Very light
+ Optical switches (I purposely picked this in the hopes I would not get the double-clicking issue that seems to plague other Logitech and Razer models. I will never know if it would have been safe from them as I am returning this mouse.)
+ Easy to configure program. No fuss, just download Razer Synapse and set it up easily.
+ 4 extra buttons apart from the norm

+ Not meant for small hands: This mouse is as long as the G703 I was using previously, which was intended for large hands. The Viper Ultimate goes one further and actually has the scroll wheel just a bit further to the edge than the G703. The result is that while I can easily still reach the scroll wheel on the G703, on the Viper Ultimate the scroll wheel is actually out of reach of my hand in a fingertip/ claw grip. I have to have my hand palming the arch of the mouse, fingers aligned at the outer edges of the mouse buttons, to easily reach the scroll wheel that is sooooo far away. Needless to say, my hand started aching after a while of this. It's doubtless not a problem for large hands, but beware if you have small hands.
+ Awkward placement of 2 of the extra buttons. The 4 extra buttons are placed snugly 2 on each side. For a right-handed person, this means that it is easy to accidentally press the 2 buttons on the right when you are just gripping the mouse. (For a left-handed person, it will be the opposing buttons on the left side.)
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