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Reviewed in Canada on October 9, 2020
4 Stars because:

Pros: Easy to install, decently clear video, and so far the cameras and app work very well.

Cons: I had to call help support and get confirmation on what will happen when free cloud storage expires and how I’ll be able to use the USB storage only. Since currently, the videos are saved in the cloud and then backed up to USB, I was curious to how the USB-only storage will work.

At first, the help agent told me I’d need a cloud storage subscription to use the USB-only service after the trial offer ends in 2021. However, after speaking to a supervisor, I was told there will be an update to allow JUST USB storage so I’m hoping it’s cleared up and it works well in 2021.

To be honest, I don’t see the reasoning why I have to opt in to the free trial cloud service until 2021. I would prefer to actually use my cameras the way they’re intended when I can actually return it if there is issues...

Right now, I’ll give it 4 stars and update it to 5 stars after 2021 when I can just use local usb storage, and not cloud storage at all.

I will also update it to 1 star if the supervisor was misinformed/we need to have a cloud storage to use the free USB local storage.
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