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Reviewed in Canada on September 17, 2017
This is a wonderfully pepperminty fresh mouthwash that works great. We really like it, but haven’t made a lifelong commitment to one mouthwash over another – we just buy whatever’s the best deal at the time between Scope Outlast or Crest ProHealth.

Outlast has a high alcohol content (12.5%wt), so you know it’s blasting your morning breath away along with any bacteria. So it’s good stuff, with a nice pepperminty aftertaste. It leaves your mouth kissably fresh and better yet it leaves your husband or wife’s breath kissably fresh too. If you both use it, you'll probably spend more time kissing. So there’s that...

In our house, regardless of the jumbo-sized bottle, no one actually measures the mouthwash into the cup lid and then swishes from it. Instead they remove the cap and slurp straight from the bottle. Unsurprisingly, the combination of the jumbo-sized bottle and the early morning hour (or how sleepy and clumsy the mouthwash swisher happens to be) means mouthwash can over-slosh, leading to a full-on systems failure and a Revolting Backwash Disaster (RBD). I’m sure this sinister but silent tragedy happens all over North America and yet it’s rarely discussed… (cue the ominous music).

So the real reason I’m writing this review is to make a special plea to mouthwash bottle-makers everywhere to please redesign the bottle tops. I think it would be so awesome if the bottles were modernized to adopt a sippy cup kind of performance lid. A lid designed specifically to limit the mouthwash stream (no more over-sloshing) and to prevent any dreaded backflow.

In our house, risk of said RBD means we never use the final dregs of our mouthwash, opting instead to chuck out the murky-bottomed contents along with any vile little floaties. Surely I’m not the only one who regularly tosses out the remains; so a backwash-proof sippy cap would be an amazing advancement and I’d happily pay a little more for it.

#germaphobes unite
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