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Reviewed in Canada on January 8, 2020
I enjoyed this movie and thought it was very entertaining. I watched it with my 6 year old and she said it was her favourite of all the Star Wars movies. It could have been better but considering it had 8 movies and 40+ years of back story to deal with, they did a pretty good job. It was also pretty clear that Carrie Fisher was supposed to have a much larger role, but her death before filming began meant the story had to be changed a lot.

I liked how the movie was action packed, with a lot of exciting sequences. The acting is also really good and it was cool how the 3 main new characters (Rey, Finn and Poe) got to spend a lot of time together. There are also some beautiful looking shots and interesting new characters.

It isn't perfect though. The first half of the movie feels like the plot of a video game, where each quest the heroes go on is like going from level to level. Some of those levels could have been removed without having much effect on the overall story. They also bring back a villain without really explaining how they are back. And the issue I have with almost every Star Wars movie is that people only use the Force when it is convenient to the plot.

Overall though I liked this movie and I think a big reason why is because I am not a huge Star Wars fans, so a lot of things that others might not like are things I didn’t really care about. For me the best part of seeing this movie was seeing the look on my daughter’s face during some of the really exciting parts.
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