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Reviewed in Canada on March 20, 2003
I am the mother of two boys, ages 11 and 13, and I found this book to be the best ever sex education book. The first and perhaps most impressive aspect of the book is that it not only helps you see your child's sexuality through his/her eyes, it also portrays the parents' point of view in a helpful and sympathetic way.
The second element that makes the book so effective is its down-to-earth humor. The authors review the phases of children's sexual development and parental experiences with many funny real life examples that get you chuckling and relaxing. In fact, my boys heard me laughing as I read one section and came over to ask about it. They read the part I was reading and it lead to a very comfortable discussion.
A third aspect of the book I appreciated is that the authors have really done their research. They are not just giving their opinions, they provide concise research information which adds perspective.
Lastly, the authors are very comprehensive. They include savvy advice on everything from what to do if your child walks in on you, to internet and IM use, adolescent rebellion, how to talk about homosexuality, and what if you don't like your child's boyfrind/girlfriend.
Everything You Never Wanted Your Kids to Know...was written in such a way that it reduced my inhibitions about talking about sex with my boys, and it provided great, simple advice on the nitty gritty of how to do it.
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