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Reviewed in Canada on September 3, 2015
I have the extended versions of the first two parts of LOTR, so this was a welcome addition to my collection. It has my favourite scene: Gandalf describing the passing of the soul at death into "the far green country under a swift sunrise", the basis of Annie Lennox's final song, "Into the West". Marvelous! The added scenes suggesting the romance of Faramir and Eowyn (so moving in the book) make sense of the one surviving clip in the theatre version of them greeting the Return of the King side by side in the crowd. The scene with the Mouth of Sauron (with his admittedly wonderfully creepy mouth) is shockingly inappropriate. Apparently it didn't occur to the writers that envoys and ambassadors were "sacred persons" in ancient cultures, and to murder one (as the Orcs murdered the carrier of the red arrow to King Theoden of Rohan) is a base and despicable act, utterly inconceivable for the lordly King Aragorn. A sad comment not only on today's failure to live by noble ideals but even to comprehend them.
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