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Reviewed in Canada on January 29, 2021
Moving from a HD to A sata SSD i was happy with the boot time over a minute. Then I upgraded to this in a new pc build. My computer from cold off boots to desktop in 35 seconds. Applications have never been snappier. I know there are faster NVMe Drives out there, but if your upgrading from a sata hd or ssd, you will notice quite a difference.
On my old computer running sata ssd rendering 2 minute test video it took 4:30 to render. On the new machine with the SP Drive less than 30 seconds I was floored. I use this drive as my boot drive/programs, and keep my other stuff on other drives so i have over 65% of the drive free. If you are a gamer get a bigger drive if your a average user your be just fine. Would happily buy another as it really made more of a impact than expected.
Not the fastest drive out there but more than quick enough for the value of price i paid for it. Save your money if your a average user, and buy this you'll be quite happy with the performance.
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4.7 out of 5
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