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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 16, 2018
I originally picked this book because after I read a lot about Warren Buffett's investing I decided to see other people's style. This was a good read but it was specific to Lynch's style so it was not applicable to today's investment decisions. Peter describes how he came about developing his strategy for success. He talks about his past, his victories, and some of his failures. He describes everything that happened in an easy way to read. Anyone, including non-financial folks, can understand this.

The book emphasizes through numerous examples the importance of understanding the companies you invest in, picking winners, and collecting the important facts. Although some of the companies mentioned are no longer in existence, the reasoning and the thought process is as valuable as it was when the book was written.I particularly liked the list of questions to ask before buying a stock and for identifying suitable times to buy or sell a stock. "Not all common stocks are common"(Lynch 36).

In the end this was a good read but many of the topics are outdated. This book is significant to people staring on investment because it teaches you that the average investor can get rich.
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