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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on June 3, 2022
I was disappointed by this book. It was convoluted, a bit hard to read. Some references to excellent other books were made, like Accelerate by Kim, Humble and al. and DDD by Eric Evans. But it felt like the takeaway sthe author got from these books were cherry-picked and somewhat distorted.

In the first two modules, there's a lot a discussion about how to organize teams and how letting team self-organize is not a good idea. I come from an agile mindset background, and I feel this is wrong. Sure, the way the authors describe how teams interact is valid, but not teaching much because I've seen these types of interactions emerge naturally.

But by the last parts of the book, it gets worse. It tries to explain that too much collaboration is bad (wait, what? Haven't you heard about Heart of Agile?) and tries to imply that it's a good idea to have a team of QA receiving the work from a team of developpers, which is old-school waterfall, suboptimal, and contrary to the automated testing efforts. QA should be involved in the test automation from the start so that they can add more value after the devs by avoiding doing boring manual tests. Placing them in a separate team will kill this better way of creating value.

I'd avoid this book, unless it is to find the refered sources and go read them instead.
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