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Reviewed in Canada on February 3, 2019
Overall this is a really good device, has worked with every monitor configuration that I've used it against without issue.

Only a couple of little things:

1. The USB-C cable that goes to you laptop is hardwired into the unit, not necessary a bad thing but makes it a single point of failure if it breaks

2. Powerbrick is one of the old-school dell laptop plugs - I mean the big suckers that if you needed something for self-defense you could swing it overhead and it would great as a mace

Heads up watch the compatibility lists, I've a few friends buy this on my recommendation and then complain it doesn't work with their laptops. Standard caveats - make sure your electrical output matches your laptop, make sure your device has the right specificaiton of USB-C, etc. it's a dock not magic. If you machine doesn't have the right USB-C port this won't magically make the display work.
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4.4 out of 5
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