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Reviewed in Canada on March 11, 2019
For objectivity: SquareTrade is OK for Kindle if you live in the USA. If not I wouldn't buy this personally. My reasons are allow supported by documentation

My situation: I opened a claim Aug 2018. I had a broken USB port. After much difficulty, I got mine approved for repair and not a replacement (surprisingly). On Aug 24, 2018, my repair shop called me saying "there is a small crack in the screen, it needs to be replaced but sourcing a screen might be a problem. What do you want done?" I contacted SquareTrade and got permission for repair from a rep. Aug 28, 2018, I have an email stating if it is unrepairable to provide documentation and it wont be a problem. My repair shop took a few months to find a screen. Then it took about 2 months to arrive from China. Problem is it was the wrong screen. So they deemed it unrepairable after my warranty expired. Now SquareTrade wont honour the claim. I spoke with their claim team, their customer service team, their managers, everyone. I paid for the repairs myself and I even bought a new device my self. Ultimately their priority is transparently not the customer.

Lessons learned?
1. The Kindle Specific team for Canadians does not exist. Sure there's a number but no one works there.
2. The US SquareTrade Kindle Team (phone Mar 11/19) said they always replace Kindles they dont repair them. I wonder why SquareTrade decided to repair mine.
3. A Canadian must call corporate to have a claim opened. The American team only has access to purchases. I bounced around for hours until a SquareTrade corporate manager opened mine.
4. They will argue the plan has a max dollar value rather than entitling you to replacements. The value is not listed on the amazon page and is less than the purchase price. This prevents replacements. This also doesnt match the email contract I received. Getting this fixed required escalation by an amendable customer service rep. They did fix it.
4. They will tell you to repair it without telling you that you only have a limited window to repair. I didnt know I had only a few days to repair it until it was too late. The first chat record I have says 90 days. The manager said 30 days on the phone. They said if the calendar year ends, absolutely nothing can be done.

Beware and research before you buy.
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