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Reviewed in Canada on October 1, 2020
The point of windowed security envelopes is usually to hide the document that is inside, usually a cheque that is printed. There is a standard placement for the name and address on these cheques that EVERY SINGLE #10 WINDOW envelope I have used for the last 15 years places their window so YOU CAN READ THE NAME AND ADDRESS from the cheque within the envelope. I can't believe how many words it takes to type that THESE ENVELOPES are USELESS! I so rarely leave a review on anything, and if I do it's because it was such an amazing quality product, or it was such an utter piece of garbage that fails even to do its simplest function. This review is the latter. AmazonBasics, step up your game. I will now not buy anything in any category of product that says AmazonBasics on it, and that sentiment used to be the opposite. This product is a hot pile of useless.
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4.7 out of 5
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