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Reviewed in Canada on April 20, 2021
The sound quality is good and they fit my ear well. But they only connect to my phone or laptop when they feel like it. If I have Bluetooth switched on on my phone and my MacBook the ear buds will randomly switch allegiances from one device to another. This means I can be in a video conference at work and suddenly the ear bods switch to my phone and cut off the sound on my MacBook. Also when synching with my iPhone 11 they sometimes take 5 minutes to attach. Very flakey.

Two weeks in: The synching issue seems to be worse. I am reducing this to 1 star. I have bought $20 headphones that always synch instantly with my iPhone. For some reason the $200 APPLE product cannot even manage that.

Four weeks: Yeah totally useless at synching. Sometimes they take 10 seconds. Sometimes they take 10 minutes to synch with my phone or MacBook. Randomly, they turn the volume up on something when I first synch with a device, bursting my eardrums. Nice. DO NOT BUY.
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