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Reviewed in Canada on April 12, 2021
Using this controller on PC has been a very good experience. My past experience is based on original Xbox One and PS4 controllers.
- Playing COD on 0 dead zone with no stick drift.
- Stick movement is very responsive.
- Adjustable triggers work very well. Three positions to choose from.
- Bumper and trigger buttons feel more premium than original XBox One Controller. They have a nice clicky feel to them.
- L3 and R3 buttons feel great and have a nice clicky sound. I do not find myself pressing them accidentally like original XBox One controller.
- Back buttons are also clicky with a good feel. I do find myself pressing these by accident sometimes. Back buttons can be mapped to any other controller button.... very NICE!
- X,Y,A and B buttons feel just like original XBox One buttons..... maybe protrude a bit more.
- LED lights around the controller is a nice addition, especially if you like playing in the dark. Several colors to choose from and can be turned off.
- USB cable is good quality and long enough if you play at your desk.
Wish list:
- Add a bit more tension to the sticks.
- Add or have an option for a soft top/bottom to help with controller grip. Current grip is about the same as an XBox One controller.
- Add a bit more tension to the back buttons to avoid accidental presses.

Overall, this is a great wired controller for anyone who wants to upgrade from a stock controller and have most of the pro controller features, at a very attractive price.
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4.1 out of 5
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