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Reviewed in Canada on August 6, 2021
I read this in one sitting as I do most books that get heavy on my mind and heart because I don't like carrying the weight around if I procrastinate reading it.

I didn't expect this book to be a hard read for me because of people raving how spicy it was bit but it was. Bullying tropes really get under my skin and I went in blind reading this so I didn't know that was gonna be the case. It took me until about 25% of the book to even start getting comfortable but after that the story flowed a little bit better for me.

Though through the little sniffles I had and an almost mental break down reliving my own pain through Ryen, I appreciated how flawed she was and how she persevered through everything that happened and of course her beautiful relationship with Misha... the light of this book. He was flawed but also all sorts of wonderful.

This book got me typing a review (which I seldom do) at 6am with no sleep says it all.

This book was the good kind of pain and I loved it.
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4.5 out of 5
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