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Reviewed in Canada on April 30, 2021
I have VERY sensitive skin and read the reviews on people getting rashes so I was prepared for this. I followed the instructions including the soaking for 15 minutes prior. There was a small amount of burning but nothing too bad.

The next day the top of my feet and ankles were itchy with some slight redness. Aloe seemed to alleviate this issue. Next time I may try putting Vaseline on the top of my feet and ankles and see if that helps.

Within 3 days my feet looks like a reptile shedding. It is very gross to look at but very satisfying knowing my feet are getting softer each time skin flakes off.

For context my heels are so dry that I my heels are like velcro to sheets. I am worried that for as rough as my heels are they won't come completely smooth.

Other people noted to wear socks to bed. I tried for a whole hour of sleeping with socks on, then had to tear them off. Yes my bed has some flakes in it, but I would rather change my bedding then wear socks to bed for the next 10 days.

I would recommend and will be buying again.
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