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Reviewed in Canada on June 30, 2021
The button configurations aren't at all intuitive, from long presses to the "Eco" outlets, the poorly worded manual leaves much to look up online to make sure it's working properly. It does work, and it does what it's supposed to, and it's not hard to open and plug in - but it is hard to figure out if the load you're hooking it up to is within spec. On power outage it beeps obnoxiously without any way of silencing it without turning off the beep entirely (hard to do in the dark with bad menu / UI design and the aforementioned instruction manual). Again, it does work and it's perfect for my system, but it took a lot to make sure I was using it properly. Although I appreciate the eco features, it would be nice if it was more clearly explained, identified, and if the outlets could be individually assigned to it with a switch or something.

Also, it placed a heavier load on the power outlet I was using in my home. I wound up eventually routing a direct plug from the electrical panel to a new outlet just for this UPS because the bathroom fan being switched off was enough to trip the breaker even when the battery was fully charged. 450W PSU should not be overkill on any UPS and I triple checked mfg spec that I was not overloading the product. It's just not friendly to other devices on the same power line. Again, this would have been good to know ahead of time - along with calculating safe loads since watts is a measure of heat and not a very good measure of variable power draw in volts / amps. This stuff is understandably a bit complicated inherently, but I would expect a bit more paper printed to clearly describe and outline how to use a product even if the engineers feel conversion tables are commonly committed to general population's memories.
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