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Reviewed in Canada on January 6, 2019
These snack cups have a lid that screws on and very soft silicone in the middle. It's very easy for our 16-mth old son get his hand in there and get the snack out, yet the snack stays securely inside when he flips the cup upside down and shakes it.

The screw-on lid is easy for adults to open/close but has no chance of coming off in baby's hands. These cups are a bit more expensive than other Munchkin snack cups where the lid simply pops on, but these are MUCH better. When using the Munchkin snack cup with a pop on lid, our son would regularly inadvertently pull the lid off while trying to take out his snack and make a mess. The silicone on it is also not quite as soft as it is on this snack cup.

These cups still come apart and clean up very easily.

All in all, these snack cups are absolutely worth a few extra dollars over the cheaper Muchnkin and other store brand snack cups we've tried.
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