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Reviewed in Canada on November 15, 2016
I'm a huge Star Trek fan. The JJ movies did not impress me, and their trashing of Canon just made me mad. Still, they were not bad movies even if they really aren't "Star Trek". JJ basically made "Trek Wars", and changed such stupid things for no particular reason other than I think he's a Star Wars fan and at the time this was his only outlet.
The brewery engine room is just stupid. Changing the phasers to these little "pew pew" Star Wars blasters was just stupid (same goes with the ship phasers). The best thing about those movies was the actors, which each did an excellent job even though JJ had them out-of-character.

This newest attempt was much better since JJ left. The movie is exciting, and funny. Still, it's too bad they couldn't correct some of the Canon JJ screwed up, and making Sulu gay, even if it was only a small part of one scene, was just dumb. This is an excellent example of political correctness run amok (not Amok Time). Even George Takei, who is gay, said they should not change a character written by Gene Roddenberry.

In one of the fan movies, they introduced a nephew of Kirk's, and his character is gay, which is fine. He actually got married on board ship. Adding another character so everyone can be included is a much better way to go than changing an established character to please themselves.

This movie is another daring-do, chase fest. Not very intellectual, but much better than the two JJ movies. For anyone avoiding it because of the first two, rest assured that this movie is much better.

Still, I hope that, in the future, we see the franchise resurrected again, and it starts out with Kirk having a nightmare about these movies and making up with a start, saying "thank God it was only a dream".

How these people can take such a widely loved franchise and change it as much as they have is really perplexing. Allowing it to evolve would be fine, but changing what has already been established is just stupid. If it wasn't for Simon Pegg's writing, this movie would have been another waste of screen time.
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