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Reviewed in Canada on August 19, 2021
Reminiscent of ACOTAR; problematic possessive king with a secret + stubborn sarcastic female lead + dark scary angry fae "kidnapper" working for the enemy = cliche YA plot I love love to hate. Still, this book fell a little short in the plot region. The flow was quite slow but somehow the story moved almost too quickly with weeks going by in one page and relationships built behind the scenes seemingly out of nowhere. Then when things were just getting interesting for our leading lady and we see her character really come out and secrets are revealed... The book ended, not even on a cliff hanger just smack in the middle of exposition, it was a little strange! Having already started the sequel I feel the flow between the two was just a little off like you're flipping to the next chapter not the next book but none the less I will definitely continue to read on with the next 2 books! Looking forward to revealing what is really going on, because all is definitely not as it seems in this story!


Definitely heed the TW for this book, there is quite a shocking scene that comes out of left field that I was a little taken back by even after reading the warnings.
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4.2 out of 5
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