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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on October 26, 2015
Overall, very well written, excellent story, worth the purchase.

There are moments in the book where I can identify with the characters' emotions in the many different situations they experience.

It took me a week to complete, but that's saying a lot because it's the first book in a long time that I've read from start to finish.

Part of the reason I purchased this book was because when "The Game" first came out I had noticed it in a book store but did not buy it, and afterwards had "non-buyer's remorse" for not "getting in early" on the concepts of the scene I gradually grew enthusiastic about.

There are a few themes mentioned that I had also independently found helpful to healing myself, and the process often accelerates when one consciously enters into relationships with others.

Strauss scarcely speaks of group dynamics until after the credits roll, and I had found that communal living (having experienced it myself firsthand) is an essential part of our natural psyche as human many ways it is the missing piece of the puzzle, one which is hard for the vast majority of us to grab ahold of, and if we do, nearly impossible to make endure. Societies, schools, nations, neighbourhoods, workplaces and drinking house parties do not do our inner tribe justice.
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