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Reviewed in Canada on July 28, 2001
This book is more for corporate executive types who think 'being creative' is doodling on a notepad for 5 minutes. *Those* dudes need to explore their inner artist a little more, for sure. If you're in a creative block, or wanting to learn how to draw, there are much better resources out there to help you out. You really don't need this book, as it will be a waste of time and keep you from actually making art!
Also, regarding the author: Betty Edwards seems to have over-analyzed the right-brain/left-brain system - something the left-brain would be in control of, according to her teachings. She was defeating her purpose by writing a book about the method, since people must experience, firsthand, the ecstasy of hitting 'the zone' when making something. Analyzing it and taking credit for such a natural gift from God is, to me, ridiculous.
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