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Reviewed in Canada 🇨🇦 on May 16, 2020
I've been using the 1.5L version of the Pure MistAire for a month now, and it's been working great from the get-go. The ultrasonic mechanism is whisper-quiet, much better than models from a few years ago. No leaks or major issues. I would highly recommend it.
There are some quirks/issues to get used to, but none of them are deal-breakers. First, the touch-sensitive power button has very bright LED underneath (separate from the LED "nightlight feature", which is even brighter). I found the power button LED brighter than I would like, but a Light Dim adhesive solved that issue. Also, the interface is not ideal (cycles through low without nightlight, low with nightlight, high with nightlight, high without nightlight, off). But I can live with that.
The main thing is that you have to brush away the air bubbles that form around the sonicating disk if the unit has been running for awhile (e.g., overnight). If you don't, you will find much lower misting on night two (a full tank easily lasts for two evenings). But I recommend you change the water everyday anyway, so this shouldn't be an issue. A brush is included for this purpose (although it's not well described in the manual as to why - it's for brushing away air bubbles).
I do notice some white powder in the area after a week or so, but that just reflects the mineral content of my domestic water supply. It would be no different with any other model humidifier - it is a characteristic of the water.
I remain very impressive with the super-quiet operation after a month - I've never had a humidifier this quiet. The only quirk here is that it "bubbles" or "burps" every 10 mins or so during operation, as water moves from the clear tank chamber into the base (and so, air enters in the tank). But you quickly get used to that (at least, I have).
Given these minor issues, I can only give it 4 stars out 5. But still highly recommended.
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