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Reviewed in Canada on March 13, 2016
“There has never been a movie that leave me on an emotional thirst like this one has”, my stomach was is knots
watching the palm of my hands were so sweaty, I feel I was in the “Walk itself carrying that
pole across that wire suspended in the air feeling the clouds touching my face, this movie is magnificent an
Joseph Gordon-Levitt was also magnificent, here’s another guy just don’t get the recognition he deserve,
because he has done some very good movies, like The Lookout, that no one pay attention too, and Inception”
seeing this an knowing the real guy (Petit) did not fall my heart was racing like a locomotive train, like the overhead
shot of (Levitt) standing on the Twin-Towers was so spectacular to be-hold, you see this is what I’ve been talking
about, people JUST don’t immerse themselves into anything, they start off their review with simple characteristic
like the guy was an todays world it’s called a Terrorist, but deep down this guy knew what he wanted
an he was determine to go an get it at all cost, who do you think could do that in todays world, they would be shot
on site, I can’t believe this movie move along so fast that I didn’t have time to render my thoughts clearly...but the
outcome was there for me clearly at it’s conclusion, when your happiness has been achieved an the accolades pour-in,
where are the ones that carry you through your ordeal of triumph?? the one thing they didn’t show was all the pictures
that was taken of the actual walk back in the seventies, I guess it was lost or whatever,
Runtime 122 Min.
English 5.1 DTS-HD Master. With some subtitles.
Widescreen 2.4:1
“Levitt Show His Presence..An Was Spectacular”
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