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Reviewed in Canada on May 25, 2020
At first I was kind of surprised it took so long for this movie to be released to theaters. I thought it was in the can not long after Captain America Civil War was completed. On to my review. I enjoyed the movie. Besides T'Challa I thought Shuri was the best character. with her sass and humor she was a fun character. Erik Killmonger was a decent enough villain. With it feeling like family had betrayed him he had a somewhat half decent reason for wanting the throne of Wakanda. Some of the execution was a little off with what he wanted to do. And as some others have pointed out having to fight all challengers to your throne even without the heart shaped herb was a little ridiculous. I thought it was good though for all the possible flaws the whole makes up for it. It was also nice to see T'Chaka again. I would recommend this movie for entertainment value. I was happy with this purchase.
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4.7 out of 5
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