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Reviewed in Canada on March 3, 2021
Its a touch hard to review just on the sheer basis you probably know exactly what you're buying from the get go: This is a basic xbox one controller. If you have an xbox one, you already have one of these. If you have a PC, maybe its something new, and in that case I have to say I quite heartily recommend it.

Personally I don't have a console, I wanted something that would easily allow me to play games on my PC - especially games that were optimized for console controls, like say Monster Hunter World or Horizon Zero Dawn. Its worked absolutely great for that, with the one annoyance being battery life. A basic controller like this does not come with any sort of rechargeable option by default, you have to keep swapping in AA batteries, and you *will* burn through them quite quickly. I generally recommend having some rechargeable batteries around the house because you never know when you will need batteries, and thankfully I have been in luck. But its hard to not want a rechargeable battery pack.

I haven't had a chance to try them personally, but I would recommend checking out the rechargeable battery pack and charging docks if that sounds frustrating for you. It will mean your controller is always ready: but then again, if you have batteries handy, your controller should always be easily topped up all the same.

Above and beyond that, for some notes on the controller itself:
This new generation of controllers use a USB-C port over a micro-USB, and I am very happy to see this change. Micro-usb sucks, USB-C is becoming more ubiqituous, and it doesn't care the orientation you plug it in. If you decide to go the rechargeable battery pack, USB-C should offer you a faster charge. Lower energy bluetooth mode support means that it will stretch a charge further, but, again, expect to burn through batteries if you're doing long gaming sessions.

The buttons, matte bumpers and triggers feel pretty luxe for a controller: I upgraded from a very old XBox Controller with a Windows PC USB attachment, and I very much love the feel of this controller versus it. They've come a long way, and its got a great weight/fit to the hand. I'm not really sure how viable the Share button is for PC Gaming - I presume it probably still takes a photo that's easy to share - but I've never really utilized it myself. On the button front, the D-Pad is *very* responsive now. Its uber-clicky, and I really, really, really want to emphasis that element: It is absurdly audibly-clicky. It doesn't bother me personally, but its something to be aware of; anyone in the nearby environment is going to be 100% aware you just pressed that button. If you're gaming on a headset or what not for a quieter environment, the controls absolutely are not. I would say its more of a click than mechanical-keyboards are popularized as.
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