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Reviewed in Canada on December 1, 2018
It looks nice but, it does sod all really. We have alexified our home and this was the latest purchase and we regret it and we are returning it. It doesn't support any video services except Prime Video, which has next to no content in Canada. Amazon Canada still DOES NOT support Amazon Household, so it's really only useful for people destined to be forever alone. If you really want an Amazon device with a display, both you and your wallet will be significantly better off with the Fire HD tablet. If money is no option, consider moving to the USA.

To add: we purchased this to replace our existing Echo Plus (as this has a hub built in) and the need for us to bring our tablet to the kitchen. We were excited at the prospect of one device doing the whole gamut (hub and screen).

EDIT: June 27, 2019: I increased this by one star as Amazon Prime has started to improve their channel offerings and it is nice to have more options. I hope it continues to improve. I just dumped Netflix, so could not give a toss whether that is supported or not on this anymore. Hope things continue t improve. If so we would re-purchase one for the kitchen.
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