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Reviewed in Canada on July 7, 2020
I never thought I would enjoy this as much as I do. It’s really immersive and surprised how well the meditation apps works. It’s also really good to keep your whole body moving when playing a game and believe or not actually makes you break a sweat.

This is why I recommend you also purchase protective gear like additional face cushion you can wipe clean and disinfect. I also recommend buying neoprene or rubber covers for the controllers - not only do you get a better, non-slip grip but the casing around the hand held pieces prevent the battery cover from slipping during aggressive play. I found the head gear comfortable enough without any additional covers but if there is more than one user in your house I’d consider getting something additions that wraps existing straps so that you can remove and easily wash them. Sweaty, greasy, hair can make it icky after a while. I haven’t ordered mine yet but will be knowing what I know now.

The graphics vary from app to app and overall they are really good for the interactive stuff you’ll play. However, when watching Netflix, Amazon Prime video or other TV type viewing the picture is not as good. It’s watchable and the rooms you can watch them in make it feel like your actually at a theater minus the UHD picture. Then again that’s not what VR is for so I can live with it.

Bottom line is this stuff has come a long way and at the current price point it’s good to jump in now. It will get better in the next few years and this was a good way for me to confirm I like VR and will definitely upgrade as technology continues to improve.
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