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Reviewed in Canada on March 17, 2018
UPDATE. It's 2020 June 22nd and this thing still works excellent. Last year during Hurricane Dorian I plugged this into my little generator to keep it charged, and plugged laptops, cellphones, lamps, you name it, into it. It's not really designed for power outages, but it serves well in a 1 week power outage as a charger for small devices. I ran it for a week last september when we had no power all week. Then I used it again this winter during a 2 day power outage. It kept my LED light bulb on, phone charged, tablet charged, laptop charged, and I only needed to run my 1100 watt generator now and then. 10 out of 10 WOULD DEFINITELY BUY AGAIN. So far the battery seems to work well. You only get 15 minutes on a big beefy desktop computer, but you can get SEVERAL HOURS of lamps/laptops/phones plugged in. So it's really hand. I also have battery banks for those purposes now, so I don't have to use this for that as much.


Has a mute button you push and never hear those loud beeps again. A lot of others dont have this or it couldnt be determined if they did. For me this is important because i dont want to be woken up whenever the power flickers.

We had a bunch of outages and power flickers. Not once did the power go out long enough that the UPS couldn't keep it on. Brief outages. On another occasion i was at work while my PC was on at home and the power was flickering according to friends and neighbors. Came home. Not once had the PC shut off. I didnt set up the autopower down yet. Need to do that.

At full PC load, with a 46 inch LCD tv, 6 external hard drives, wireless headphone bass, my Yamaha P5000s power amp and an lcd light bulb, I have never gone above 2/5 load or 400 watts. Thats while gaming with GTA 5 on high settings on my FX 8350. Oddly even when I cranked my power amp while doing this, and watching the LCD screen on the UPS, nothing ever exceeded 400 watts or 2/5 load. Thats with a commercial power amp with Cerwin Vegas D9's and a set of Cerwin Vega VS 120's hooked up to it. Which can technically generate over a thousand watts of power and shake the whole house with bass so loud the neighbors can hear it down the road. My guess is that its the high energy efficiency of the speakers not creating a super high load on the UPS. In any case, this thing works great so far!
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