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Reviewed in Canada on September 3, 2020
Be warned. This product is not compatible with every existing bell chime - but you don't find that out until you have unwired your existing bell, set up Ring and wired it all in, screwed it up, pressed the bell - and nothing. It doesn't activate your old chime box. So, you call them - "oh yeah, our Ring bell is only compatible with certain pre-existing chime boxes - here is a list" Then you try and buy one of the list of chimes that work - but no, not even Amazon has any of the compatible ones, They are all one or two serial number 'number' or 'letter' out. So, you are not even sure which new chime box to buy incase you have the same problem.

UPDATE: But then, having been told my chime box doesn't work with the Ring technology - I decided I didn't think that could be true - so, having boxed it all up again, labeled and ready to post back, I typed in on line 'why is my chime not working with Ring' and lo and behold there is a whole section on it within the app set up. So, I unboxed it again, followed the steps and - it IS compatible after all. But I would never have known that if I didn't do extra digging, because a) it doesn't mention anything about Chime Set Up in the set up leaflet that comes with it - and b) no-one pointed me towards that info it when I called in. Just said, 'your chime is not compatible'. WHICH IT IS.

I got a call from a nice young lady from Ring when they read this review and pointed all this out - I hope they fix the leaflet and get their support team to point to the chime set up and not just randomly conclude that the chime is not compatible, You nearly lost a customer. I am sure I am not the only one who has had this issue. Setting up the chime is a major part of the set up so make sure it is one of the set up steps. Ring - Chime - same thing. It's the noise it makes when someone pushes the doorbell. I would have thought that is pretty integral to a product that is precisely that - a replacement doorbell.

The motion thing is sporadic, which I noticed while I was trying to sort out the chime issue. Bought wifi extenders since.

Also, I hear they are stopping the desktop app because they can't be bothered to fix the glitches in it - that is a lightweight negative business attitude and not good. It is what a lot of people use with the product. Fix the bugs.
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